Unique pieces of art for people devoted to essence expressing it in their every choice

Οf the most beautiful exhibits in the Αrchaeological Museum of Greece and Egypt, the bracelets, elaborately made of gold and decorated with precious stones, were jewels of exceptional craftsmanship and precision, with carefully selected stones uniquely arranged on the metal. Bracelets in ancient times adorned the wrists, arms and ankles of men and women and gave them prestige, reflecting the origin of the person and his social position.

Even today the bracelets continue to adorn the hands, demonstrating and showcasing the aesthetics and the approach of value that the person gives on what he wears.

The bracelet collection in Tzamos Jewellery shop, made to embrace the wrist, real ornaments of the arm, hard or flexible, all made of 18 carat gold with precious stones – apatite, diamond, ruby, emerald – are objects of timeless value and high taste, and appeal to people who appreciate what does not lose its value over time.

They constitute jewellery with value-added, being timeless objects with high craftmanship that is recognized in every age and with the steady value of gold and that of precious stones. Jewellery is handed down from hand to hand, from generation to generation, bringing memories of a lifetime.