Preveza 1989: Two young people unite their lives and fortunes in Preveza creating a shop that mainly trades silver dinnerware, traditional jewellery from Epirus and accessories of the art of silver and goldsmithing. The high quality aesthetics of the woman and the firm commitment of the man to the rules of trade, led to the creation of an enterprise that flourished gradually and firmly, respecting the needs of the customers, following the new market trends and properly communicating its products both in the local market and in the region.

The silver and goldsmithing shop of the Tzamos Family, fittingly placed next to the Venetian Clock Tower, utilitarian and elegant, a symbol of aesthetics and functionality, within a reasonable period of time became a jewellery shop of prestige, with precious jewellery from highly skilled craftsmen in Greece and abroad, with imports mainly from neighbouring Italy, which is characterized by the high aesthetics and technique in the particular industry. Tzamos Jewellery Shop acquired a reputation throughout Epirus and became a synonym of upgraded quality, good taste and professional service with a friendly and humane face.

This unique relationship with the client, the relationship that is built on every visit regardless of the final outcome of the purchase, the human and honest relationship having as an ultimate goal the right sale, the one that will completely satisfy the customer and is internationally known by the term ‘value for money’ which is the right balance between the value and quality of the product, has become a daily act, both professional and personal, in Tzamos Jewellery shop.

Today: Preveza 2018 : The new generation has succeeded the previous one, with an even greater sense of responsibility, which is driven by the need of the offspring to preserve and extend all that has been handed down to them. Two young people, the son and the daughter of the Tzamos Family, with the valuable experience and help of the mother and the words of wisdom of the father, together with the appropriate scientific training, have undertaken the selection and order of the valuable items, the extention of their collaborations, approaching jewellery with a fresh look while acknowledging its time value and continue looking their customers in the eye, with professionalism, reliability and a smile.

Our goal: the upgrade of our services, the top of the range approach to jewellery, the creation of a venue where precious jewellery is sold, which will add prestige and aesthetics to both the one selecting it and the one wearing it.


Come to meet us in person in our shop so that we make the promise a reality.

Ethnikis Antistasis 28, Preveza, Greece

(+30) 26820 23946


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